Frankfort and Mokena shoppers find Used Cars at the Mall in Matteson

Matteson Auto Mall Has Used Cars for Sale for Frankfort and Mokena Residents

Shopping for used cars in Frankfort and Mokena is far less nerve-racking when people choose the option of one-stop shopping at the Matteson Auto Mall. The Matteson Auto Mall is unique, in that it provides the inventory of many different dealerships all in one 110 acre campus located on the corner of Route 30 and Central Avenue right near I-57. There are dealerships that represent all the top car makes from Cadillac to Kia. Whether it’s a Honda, Ford or Hyundai or other type of car, there’s a dealer at the Matteson Auto Mall. That means there’s also a wide selection of used cars from which to select, including certified pre-owned cars with excellent warranties.

Buying from an area where there are hundreds of cars from which to choose has its benefits. Not only is it easy to check several dealerships to find the best deal, there’s never extra driving from car dealer to car dealer. The arrangement is perfect for those who want a hassle-free car buying experience. The various dealerships also offer competitive financing that has excellent terms and very low interest rates. People who normally secure their financing ahead of time find that it’s often better at the Auto Mall and doesn’t require any phone calls to an their outside lender to insure the financing is available.

Test driving a car can be pretty nerve racking at other dealerships. It’s hard enough to focus on the oncoming traffic and other drivers when taking the vehicle out on the main roads, let alone listen to how the engine runs or identify any problem areas. There’s no way to test the car at various speeds on a crowded highway or road. That’s why most people love the option of testing the car on the campus road of the Mall, unencumbered by local traffic. They can listen to the engine, identify any pings and even see how well the car accelerates.

Good used cars for sale near Frankfort and Mokena can be tricky to find unless people purchase them from a dealership that has a great reputation. Often salesmen at smaller dealerships try to push one of the few models they have to the people that shop with them, knowing they have a captive audience. Buying from individuals may produce what seems like a good deal, but often the people are getting rid of a problem car and never mention the thousands of dollars of work the car needs. When people shop at the Matteson Auto Mall, they have a large selection and the sales people have a much larger selection, sometimes even recommending cars from other dealers in the mall.

Many of the used cars are certified pre-owned certified cars. These cars have a bumper to bumper inspection to insure every inch of the car is in pristine shape. The benefits of purchasing a certified car is more than just getting a warranty or being assured that the car was thoroughly inspected and repaired, if necessary; it also means getting financing for the used car at lower rates, often equal to those of new cars. That can save thousands of dollars over the life of the car, mean a lower car payment or allow the purchaser to pay off the vehicle faster than otherwise possible with a higher interest rate. With all these benefits, shoppers for used cars for sale from Frankfort and Mokena make Matteson Auto Mall their first stop, and almost every time, their last.

Hyundai Equss Dealer Chicago

The Hyundai Equus Style and Design Will Stand Up Over Time

Now in its second year, the remarkable Hyundai Equus is proving to have a design that will stand up quite well over time. That’s a good thing, because this high-end, full-sized luxury sedan is the flagship of the Hyundai fleet and the most expensive vehicle the company makes. There probably aren’t many buyers who want to pay close to $60,000 for a car with a design that will be sadly out of date within just a year or two.

Fortunately, that’s not a concern with this upscale Hyundai vehicle. The Hyundai Equus style is one that stands for luxury, and after a year has passed by, the exterior design remains extremely appealing to buyers in the luxury car market. There aren’t any signs that the appeal of this amazing sedan is starting to slow down – far from it. In fact, after what was already a strong start, momentum is building. The classic but fluid looks of the Equus exterior design is attracting more and more buyers.

And that’s just the exterior Hyundai Equus style. Open the door and peek inside. You’ll see premium, high-end materials no matter where you look. Now sit in the driver’s seat and notice the way the wood and leather of the interior seem to envelop you. The seats are comfortable, supportive and luxurious all at the same time. Even the aroma of the leather whispers luxury and class. The dashboard, steering wheel and center console controls all feel upscale and they’re perfectly placed and intuitive.

Hyundai gave its flagship a cutting edge design that will remain fresh and attractive for years to come. Shoppers come to a Hyundai dealership to see the Hyundai Equus, but they leave the dealership as Equus buyers. That’s why we’re so certain that people are still in love with the interior and exterior Hyundai Equus style and design. When it was introduced, the Equus represented a challenge to the luxury-market supremacy of several German and Japanese luxury vehicles. So far, Equus has more than held its own against those upscale competitors – it’s been winning over buyers right and left.

Some of that is because the Hyundai Equus is packed with so many standard features – things you’d pay extra for in a BMW, Lexus, Audi or Mercedes-Benz. Part of it is the industry-leading new car warranty buyers get with every Hyundai Equus. Part of it is the purr of the silky-smooth but powerful Equus engine. Part of it is because even at $60,000, it’s a lot less expensive than its German and Japanese competitors. And part of it is the vehicle’s overall build quality, premium materials and indulgent, luxurious comfort. But part of it is also the Hyundai Equus style and cutting edge design that will definitely stand up over time. Great looks and more luxury than most people think is possible for the price – that’s the true Hyundai Equus style. This is an impressive vehicle at just about any price.

All-New Hyundai Equus

Consider a Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai Equus for Luxury at an Affordable Price

The Hyundai Equus is the flagship of the Hyundai fleet. In addition to being the largest and most expensive sedan Hyundai makes, the Equus also comes with the most standard features. That’s saying something, considering how much is packed into every Hyundai vehicle.

We’re not kidding when we call the Equus a high-end, full-size luxury sedan. It’s squarely targeted at other large luxury sedans, including the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Lexus LS and Audi A8 – all vehicles with well-established reputations for comfort, luxury and power. Since its launch in the US, the Hyundai Equus has been more than up to the challenge presented by its German and Japanese competitors in the luxury vehicle market.

A new Hyundai Equus runs just over $59,000 for the Signature model or slightly more than $66,000 for the even-more-upscale Ultimate model. That’s not cheap, but it’s more affordable than any of its competitors. And, because it’s a Hyundai, you’ll get a ton of value for your money.
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You’ll be Amazed by the Remarkable New Hyundai Equus!

Every Hyundai has an impressive set of standard features. That’s what Hyundai is known for, along with excellent build quality, reliability and an industry-leading warranty. But the remarkable Hyundai Equus takes things to an entirely new level.

Yes, the Hyundai Equus gives you exceptional value. Every Hyundai does, so that’s not surprising. But this is a car that will give you more luxury than you ever thought possible for less than $60,000.

The new Hyundai Equus is decidedly upscale, giving you a world-class combination of style, features, safety and luxury you simply won’t see in any other car in its price range. Starting at $59,250, the Hyundai Equus is a full-size premium luxury sedan that’s challenging the much more expensive BMW 7 Series, the Lexus LS and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

It’s a compelling vehicle. The ride is superbly smooth and serene; the steering is responsive; the back seat seems as large and luxurious as a limousine’s; the 17-speaker surround sound audio system is out of this world; the big V-8 engine responds immediately when you step on the throttle but it’s so whisper-quiet you’ll think you’re driving a hybrid; it exudes an air of refinement and class that is noticeable to all; it gives you more creature comforts than you ever knew existed. The value – and the experience – you receive in an Equus are quite astonishing.
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